January 31st, 2012

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I'm breathin like I'm runnin cause you're takin me there; Don't you know? You spin me out of control

Losing my mind[4 Down/48 To Go!]
[+] And though it's only one day, it's still a holiday -- our first holiday for the year! Kung Hey Fat Choi or a very Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates! It was definitely an awesome way to start my week. Here's to many many more long weekends for everyone (at least one every quarter and I'll be happy, really).

[+] I attended my second wedding (as a non-family member) and I really feel the 'old-ness' creeping up on me. Yes, we're in our 20s and people are in the marrying age, but it feels weird. Sure, these folks aren't exactly my contemporaries but it's getting there. Before I know it, it'll be my close friends tying the know. Slow down please, time.

[+] And look at that, just one day(ish -- I know it's past midnight) late? If I get to update on a regular basis this week, I won't be too behind just yet. I'll try my best to catch up with the flist and everyone's comments (I won't wait three months this time, I promise). I hope you all have a splendid week up ahead. Collapse )
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Trailer Tuesday: Rachel Really Loves Romances

[Rachel McAdams Online]
And another month is over and we look forward to more movies in the month of love. And though, I have yet to find a date for this year's Hallmark-created festivities, there's lots of other things to dwell on anyway. But of course, leave it to Hollywood to remind all the single girls out there, that well, there's still some romance to be had. I wish there were more romantic comedies though. Come on, film producers, where are those good old fashioned awesome ones? Collapse )

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