January 29th, 2012

emma; only girl in the world

Red Carpet Round-Up: Rooney Goes on a Euro Trip

My Bang Idol[Rooney Mara Source]
I love how big movies take two press tours, one for the US-based (LA and NY) and then there's the European tour which always brings lots of pretty dresses and lots of appearances. And for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it wasn't any different. Rooney Mara got all dolled up and brought James Bond Daniel Craig with her and brought the pretty parade around Europe.

But because I've decided to cut down on the pretty posts (I get lazy and tired), there's a whole lot of awards season photos that made it to the cut. The Academy Awards are but a month away and I should start on seeing all those movies soon. Have you seen them all? Collapse )

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emma; only girl in the world

Movie Raving: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Hey Hey! [Rooney Mara Source]
I know, I just had Rooney Mara on before the cut on my last post, but I couldn't help it. I finally got to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a year plus after I finished the book and well, I liked it. A lot. I came into it, trying to put the Swedish version of the film out of my mind, trying not to compare them, but I couldn't and what surprised me was how I liked them both in different ways.

I'm glad I did this in the order in which I tackled it, Swedish film, then read the book then English adaptation. Now, all I need is for David Fincher, Daniel Craig and Rooney to sign on for the next two sequels and I'll be set. Yup, I was that impressed. Collapse )

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