January 5th, 2012

emma; only girl in the world

On Repeat: fun. Tells Me that 'We Are Young'

they are fun.[ournameisfun]
It's a new year and hopefully we get awesome new music as well. Though 2011 was basically a mash-up of recs from friends, I'm making a conscious effort to not just 'mark all as read' my Stereogum feed on my Google Reader. But hey, I'm always always open to music recs just because I know you all have awesome musical taste. Now don't be shy, guys.

And to start the year, I have music that's trying to get me into a 'game-face' attitude at work just because the holidaze made me a tad lazy and I need to get my fight on this 2012. So let's call these anthems of sorts (or not, really) to help kickstart my January. What are on your playlists this month? Let me know!!! Collapse )

Even More On Repeat:
She & Him Will Make You Rock Around the Christmas Tree
Bruno Mars Makes Sure 'It Will Rain'