November 29th, 2011

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TV Time: Zoe Finally Admits To A Crush

[Hart of Dixie Web]
It's crazy how much I'm in love with Hart of Dixie. I know it doesn't exactly have the most explosive story lines but it's always fun to watch small-town stories that really are pretty heartwarming. And now that things are heating up, I can't wait to see where they take the multiple triangles they seem to be forming. I'm glad we get an entire season of this cuteness, just because I've surprisingly enjoyed this one so far. Collapse )
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Wont let anything take away whats standing in front of me; Every breath, every hour has come to this

Thousand years[46 Down/6 To Go!]
[-] It's sad to say but I've actually gotten pretty at home at a hospital. Having gone to visit my aunt most days this week, I don't wish long-drawn hospital stays on anyone no matter how upbeat everyone around you is. There's just an energy that I can't put a finger on. Another reason why I don't think I could be a doctor.

[+] As unlucky as the kid is, I'm actually a godmother. I feel too young to be one at 24 years old but apparently an officemate thought I was worthy of her child (I so don't feel worthy) so it's pretty odd knowing I have a little kid to look after as they grow up. Am I the only one feeling the weight of this responsibility? Am I taking it too seriously?

Holiday Card Post

last call for Holiday cards! I know I didn't give much time this time around and it's my fault for posting so late, but if I want them to reach you before 2012, I need to send them out. Comment here or PM me with your full name and complete address so I can send you one! Collapse )