June 10th, 2011

emma; only girl in the world

Awards Show Fever: MTV=More Twilight Victories

3rd Time's Not the Charm[Lion & Lamb Love]
It doesn't surprise me anymore that of course, for the third time around, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse sweeps the MTV Movie Awards in every single category that it's nominated at. Though I know it's all because of the fans, I'd actually really want to see other people win. So I guess 2more years (thanks to the 2 Breaking Dawn films) then we can finally see people kiss during the best kiss.

Other than the Twi-folk, a lot of my favorite people graced the blessed event too, looking pretty and very handsome, so at least there's that. Wow, do I sound like a jaded fangirl? I don't mean to, really. So that's that. Collapse )

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