May 26th, 2011

emma; only girl in the world

I told you to be patient; I told you to be fine; I told you to be balanced; I told you to be kind

Who Will Love You?[20 Down/32 To Go!]
[-] Long hours at work and yet somehow I'm still alive. This week wasn't as bad as others but it just seemed so freaking long. I really long for the day when I'm so on top of things that I don't get stressed thinking about work. Will that day EVER come? I sure hope so. I don't like the dread I feel when I think of work.

[+] It was a good week though in terms of seeing people outside of work! I randomly went out with college blockmates whom I hadn't seen since graduation? And though it wasn't my scene at all (hello hipsters!), it felt great to catch up with people. I also realized there was so much drama in college! oh college.

[+] I was able to see my baby cousin too and she's only five months old but so cute and big and just so cooperative! I'm horrible with babies -- they cry at the sight of me, but I was able to carry this one for a bit. So freaking cute! I hope everyone has a good week ahead! May it be filled with zero stress and lots of cuteness! Collapse )