April 18th, 2011

emma; only girl in the world

Page Turner: Prep by Curtis Sittenfield

Boarding School! [Goodreads]
I've always wanted to attend a boarding school. Ever since I saw Sara Crewe in A Little Princess (Miss Michin was evil but the rest seemed so proper and lovely). My mom was technically in boarding school, having gone to school far from her home and had to stay in and she said it wasn't exactly all that. So yeah, I am aware of the evils of boarding school, but just the fact that I didn't get to experience it, made the grass seem, well greener on that side.

And so upon lusimeles's recommendation, I picked up this book by Curtis Sittenfield not only cause she thought it was up my alley, but because (not-so) secretly, I still harbor the boarding school fantasy of pleated skirts and boys in lacrosse teams (oh wait, that's my Gossip Girl fantasy). Collapse )

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