March 18th, 2011

emma; only girl in the world

On Repeat: Nicki Minaj's Got Me Grooving to her 'Super Bass'

Still Single[My Pink Friday]
I'm really excited for summer music to make me feel like I actually have a summer (when in reality, I'll be at work) but for now, there are still remnants of sad songs (I'm looking at you Lykke Li and The National) and a mix of happier ones. I'm hoping this summer we get a lot of anthems (right Katy Perry?)

And though I have not watched any American idol (they're supposedly better than last year), I'm surprisingly not feeling any loss for it at all. In fact, I feel extra lighter that I don't feel obligated to comment on it (forgive me, I'm anal like that). I wonder if I'll ever get to catch an actual episode though. But I've talked enough. Let's shut up and listen now. Collapse )

Even More Music On Repeat:
Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'
Don't Hold It Against Britney