January 23rd, 2011

emma; only girl in the world

I want nothing more than to sit outside Heaven's door & listen to you breathing is where I wanna be

Hanging on every word you say[3 Down/49 To Go!]
[-] Lazy week is lazy. I couldn't even be bothered recapping my days in more than a paragraph. Seriously. Hey there's some saying on brevity right? Oh wait, I'm rambling again.

[+] Holiday cards literally came by the bulk this week and I'm so glad I finally received cards from famouslyso, stitchesofgold, seriouslywir, aauthentique and hauntes!!! Thank goodness our postal system came through. Loved them girls! Thanks so much!

[-] And yet another long week at work with me feeling quite exhausted as always. I'm not sure how long this kind of pattern is going to keep on so I'm just going to try to keep taking it a day at a time. It's not all bad after all. Just feels that way sometimes.

[+] I hope everyone has a better week up ahead. It's hard to believe but January's almost over. WHAT?!? Where did that month go?! Collapse )