December 19th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

We're moving up; It's been a lot to change, but you will always get what you want

Something Good[50 Down/2 To Go!]
[+] TWO WEEKS TO GO IN 2010?! SO FAST TIME. SO FREAKING FAST. I should start on that 'best of 2010.' could the year really be over?!

[+] Thanks to enamors for the wonderful vgift! I wish I could send you something in real life. And maybe, you're my FIRST holiday card this year! It's such a lovely card, thank you!

[+] Thanks to everyone who gave me holiday love last time. They were really sweet. Also I really appreciate the time capsule messages from last year (even if it was deleted -- thank god for email archives!) In case you were doing one this year, let me know!


[+] With my siblings both back in town this week, you know my brain will be nowhere but at home wishing I could chill with them. Here's to surviving this work week. Collapse )