November 28th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

You know I'd never ask you to change; If perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same

Just the way you are[47 Down/5 To Go!]
[+] I'm already 2/3 done with Kendi Everyday's awesome 30 For 30 Remix Challenge and I'm just hoping I make it all the way through without losing focus/outfits. Here's to an inspired last 10 days! We will survive!

[+] Though we don't celebrate Thanskgiving, I hope everyone who does had a really good one. I hope you all ate for yourselves and me too. Stuffing sounds good and I kind of wish I had some. Eat up!

[-] Tiring week is tiring. I should get better at coping with work weeks more cause right now I spend weekends sleeping away -- not that I mind it, but it would be nice to be awake for some stuff.

[+] THANK GOD FOR THE LONG WEEKEND. I can finally work on the holiday cards. I know, it's no use putting them out early if I'm sending them late. Expect them in 2011!Collapse )