November 21st, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

If I tell the world I'll never say enough, cause it was not said to you

Should I give up[46 Down/6 To Go!]
[+] You know how when a celebrity tweets at you, you get all giddy? Well I suppose the closest I've gotten to that is getting a random comment from KENDI EVERYDAY (the person who's mobilized 337+ bloggers to do that 30 For 30 thing I've been doing. Yeah, I'm a spaz.

[+] I swear the sweetness never stops. 30 for 30 buddy sexycereal sent me a sweet platter of fruits and I'm just really thankful. You are too sweet. We will rock this 30 for 30!

[-] Not my best week at work. I'm used to it being long. I'm not used to feeling so incompetent and idiotic. I really need to double up my game if I want to be better at this. I just don't want to feel like such a failure all the time.

[+] Thank god for awesome friends who make the week go by okay and of course, the AWESOMENESS OF HP7. Hope this next week is better for all. Collapse )