November 7th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

Here comes another strange town, breakdown; You can run forever, they'll catch you now or never

You Were Never Here[44 Down/8 To Go!]
[+] How could it possibly be November already? I feel like I was making my first weekender yesterday and now we have 8 weeks left to 2010. Slow down a bit, time will you?

[+] My sister came home AGAIN, i swear she's making me not miss her at all. But it was great to have her around again even if only for a few days. Look at the jet setter. One day, I will have so much money, I can just fly to other countries for the weekend.

[+] HOLIDAY CARDS: I'm a little late this year, but if you want to receive a holiday card from me, you can PM me your address (if I don't have it or if you've moved since last year) or just comment here -- comments are screened. I can't promise I'll be sending everyone, but I'll try.

[+] I'm starting my first 30 for 30 challenge thanks to sexycereal. I'm no fashionista so we'll see how this goes. Collapse )