September 29th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

It was not your fault but mine & it was your heart on the line I really fucked it up this time

Didn't I My Dear?[38 Down/14 To Go!]
[+] Eventful week much? Not only was it my last week in the office, it was also the first half of my mini-break before my new work starts. It would be my second trip to Singapore but the first that I paid 86% for.

[+] I finally get to visit my siblings instead of it being the other way around and my siblings have been the perfect hosts making sure I see EVERYTHING awesome in Singapore. Despite the fact that my sister jamypye and cousin sassy_semplang are swamped with work, my brother _lexizzle busy with law school, they came full force for me. Three more days of this? Yes please.

[-] But really, WTF TINYPIC?! After disallowing international usage of the site and giving us 2 days notice, they bring it back. THE INTERNET WINS. Still it was such a hassle, I scampered to back up my stuff. That wasn't fun. Not cool at all, Tinypic. Not cool. Collapse )