August 29th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

I can see the sun is on the rise the pulse is strong, it warms you but it's you they left behind

a battle of luck[34 Down/18 To Go!]
[-] MOCKINGJAY finally came out this week and I couldn't me happier. I thought this week would be really awesome... UNTIL MY LAPTOP DIED ON ME. I never even said a proper goodbye to it.

[+] sTWEETness: famouslyso tweeted the most heart-melting thing ever and disquietus , hauntes and ijkliza RT-ed it and it just made me smile so much. You girls are too sweet. Also mellowdee sent me a fab VGIFT! Perhaps the dice can help me make decisions since I'm bad at them.

[-] Though I don't usually dwell on the news, it saddens me how a hostage situation that happened in Manila last Monday didn't have a better outcome. It makes me sad to think of the tragedy. Way to go, country.

[+] I hope next week is a lot more steady than this one. This week had too many highs and too many lows. Collapse )