April 4th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

Meet me on your best behavior, meet me at your worst; For there will be no stone unturned

Everything ends[13 Down/39 To Go!]
[+] Thanks so much mizra for the chocolate bunnies and round and jo_herself for the sugar bunnies. So very sweet. I hope everyone had a great Easter!!!

[-] You know how I was having a hard time breathing? Though nothing is wrong and it ain't serious, the doctors have told me it's my body's manifestation of stress/anxiety. Weird because I don't think I'm stressed. Their tip? Break out of my usual routines and do a bit of yoga/exercise. Good to know I don't have to take any medication though. I just need to relax.

[+] Thank goodness for that 4-day Easter break. I honestly wanted to fill up my Thursday and Friday with activities but I stayed in bed and lounged instead re-reading fic and watching tv and movies (hello New Moon DVD -- I have waited for you). Good times. I hope everyone has a good week up ahead! And that it isn't as excruciatingly hot. Collapse )