February 18th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

Zac Surfs Up; Anna and Camilla Bring The Pretty

New Week, New Pretty[123456]
Despite stressful days at the office, I can always count on fangirling to make things all better when I get home. This week, so much 'happened' for my girl crushes and manjoyment that it was nice to just sift through photos of pretty from everywhere.

From Zac teaching surfing, to premiers galore (Jen & Anne for Valentines Day premiere; Camilla for Father Of Invention) to Prince Harry doing good (of course), to Anna just looking amazing at the Oscar luncheon -- there was so much going on. I haven't even started on those Rob Details pics. That's for another day. Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse )