February 14th, 2010

emma; only girl in the world

I dont want to ask you if you dont have to ask me; If you cant talk to me, then who you talking to?

Are you willing to try?[6 Down/46 To Go!]
[+] First off I want to thank EVERYONE that greeted me (via VGIFT!!!, LJ entry, replied to my post, PM-ed me, text me, called me, sent me a card, on Facebook, on Twitter). You guys really really made my birthday special. It's lovely to be remembered. So thank you all ♥

[+] And really, being 23 doesn't feel any more different than being 22. I'm sure my 17 year old brother feels no different from being 16 either. But celebrating another year of life sure does feel good.

[+] Saw Dear John and Valentines Day this week and as easy as I am to please, I did enjoy. I'm a sucker for schmaltzy things. Even at 23!

[+] Wishing everyone a fantabulously lovely Valentines Day! Lord knows those Eclipse stills sure made it seem like Christmas on Valentines. I love you all. Collapse )