November 14th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

The Trio (And Chris) Say Danke To Munich

Last Stop in Munich[twilightxchange]
The last leg of the New Moon Pressapalooza has the trio + Chris in Munich for the fastest appearance ever. Kristen and her legs looked gorgeous in her mini dress, while Rob and Taylor wore the usual with hobo-chic and GQ-suit. And while the trio were in Europe, the rest of the cast were hard at work too promoting. This is the perk of having such a LARGE cast.

[+] Papa Swan Billy, Ashley and Kellan all talked to MTV. Billy Burke just wins at everything. I need more Charlie in New Moon. [MTV]

[+] The Cullens and the ultra rambunctious Wolf Pack are so fun to watch. The Wolves just look so happy to be there. [Chuck the Movie Guy]

[+] But really, I just want more Volturi. How cool are you Michael Sheen? [ET Online]

We're down to FIVE DAYS (that's one hand!!!), fangirls. Start the squeees. Collapse )