November 4th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

The Photo Shoot That Broke The Internet

Christmas Came Early[harper's bazaar]
You know what's hard? Opening my computer in the office and seeing these wonderfully amazing photos from the December issue of Harper's Bazaar featuring ultimate girl crush Kristen Stewart and manjoyment for all season Robert Pattinson. Why is it hard?

Because I'm supposed to be behaving at work with photos like this, it's hard to act appropriately. Apparently, the entire fandom had exploded already beforehand while I was asleep. Everyone's exhausted the superlatives for this one, so I'll just say that this photoshoot delivered the goods.

Nevertheless, thank you Harper's Bazaar. Your website will crash and your magazine will sell out. Thank you Mark Seliger for coming up with the most ship-friendly photos. Thank you Laura Brown for the most insightful interview to date. Okay, I'm dead now. Collapse )

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Wild Ride [Harper's Bazaar]
emma; only girl in the world

90210 02x08: Women's Intuition

[90210 Media]
I'm probably the only person left on earth watching this show, but somehow I find that I actually like watching the episodes and recapping them rather than feeling obligated to do so. Though it's far from the smartest thing on tv, it does live up to what it claims to be: a teen drama. Bring on the ridiculousness but at least it feels like it would happen on this zip -- complete with NERD and Samantha Ronson cameo at that! Collapse )