November 3rd, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Rob (and Chris Weitz ♥) Wave Konichiwa to Japan!

[Lion and Lamb Love]
We're down to the single digits (16 days) counting down to New Moon and this time we get Rob and ultimate guilty!crush Chris Weitz looking dapper in Japan (why so near yet so far?!) while Kristen and Taylor say hola in Mexico. Plus, a better look at the Volturri? Yes please. And cause everyone has gushed about those Vanity Fair photos, I'll hold off till ALL 4 sets of outtakes come out. VF, you know we love you. [PopWatch] Collapse )
emma; only girl in the world

Gossip Girl 03x08: The Grandfather II

[Gossip Girl Fan]
And somehow, I am still watching this show. Call me a sucker for teen dramas (I did make an entire thesis about it), but no matter how ridiculous this show gets, I still go back to it every week. This week, we get a second dose of Grandfather Van Der Bilt. I just got a great idea. Why don't Cece Rhodes and William Van Der Bilt get together for more old people romance? No? Well it was just a thought. On with the show. Collapse )