September 27th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

I thought long and hard 'bout what I should say; when life was at school, it just come out this way

Wants A Happier Start -- 38 Down/14 to Go[me]
[-] As much as I felt I was in the right, it really does suck when you start the week off on the wrong foot. I felt burdened and just negative the entire week and I refuse to let anyone make me feel this way again. I'm hoping I have a much much better week up ahead.

[+] It wasn't all bad though, I seem to be getting a tad bit better at work, getting more used to everything and messing up less. I'm not exactly a star employee, but at least I'm doing more things right. Plus I feel less 'new' as we got a new teammate this week.

[+] Also, how can I complain when I get an update from Art After 5, Hydraulic Level 5 and Emancipation Proclamation! I love how fic gets me through the week. FANTASTIC updates as always. I died. SO FREAKING GOOD.

[+] I hope everyone has a better next week. Lord knows I need it. Collapse )