September 26th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Trying To Catch Up While The Floods Rise Outside

Hello Pretty[Just Jared]
While the torrential rains have been raging outside (complete with floods that go up to NINE feet all over Metro Manila), I've been stuck at home obviously and finally able to catch up on the many many things I've missed since I've started working.

One of those things is getting caught up with the 20+ pages of Just Jared that I used to check daily and now only get to glimpse on my weekends. Can you believe it?!? I used to refresh this page every 5minutes looking for something new. And now I've got loads on my girl crushes that I've missed out on. I've missed you Camilla, Rachel and Leighton!

And so, as I hope that the rains stop for the benefit of those stuck in traffic for four hours along EDSA or stranded at school or at the office or anywhere else with the craziest rain I've seen in quite some time, I thought I'd spam some pretty for those stuck at home. Collapse )
emma; only girl in the world

Looking Forward To Sunnier Days

Typhooon Ondoy (internationally known as Ketsana) didn't care if you lived in Valle Verde or the slums. It went through Manila yesterday and flooded the posh villages as well as the squatters area. Thank you to those who checked up on me. My family was thankfully safe from the disaster, but I have friends who are affected (some still stuck on the 2nd floor or roof). If you want to help, you can check THIS out. [ABS-CBN News] Collapse )