September 23rd, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

With All This Pre-Movie Awesomeness, 'New Moon' Can't Possibly Suck, Right?

I see you Mr. Weitz[LA Times]
In just 57 days, New Moon will finally be upon us and everyday at work, as I minimize all the windows to reveal my New Moon desktop wallpaper (which has totally outed me as the 'fan' in the office), I just get more excited for it.

In 57 days, I will wake up to go to work and wish I could be watching New Moon instead (but thanks to my probational status, I can't take paid days off yet). So I will wait patiently till I get off in the evening then I can rush to the mall and have my first of many re-watches of this oh so anticipated Chris-Weitz-directed installment.

Also, thanks to work, I don't get to lurk around the communities I usually frequent as often and thus my total thanks to mizra who brought it to my attention that a) the Backlot behind the scenes photos were already released like days ago; and b) the New Moon soundtrack track listing too was announced. I'm always late in fandom. Collapse )

New Moon by David Strick [Back Lot]
emma; only girl in the world

90210 02x03: Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

[90210 Media]
I FINALLY feel like 90210 is actually set in 90210. Last season, we had them playing in bowling lanes (though I gotta admit, I actually liked that episode), this season we have them playing on YACHTS! They're on a boat folks and though Andy Samberg and crew were missing, they made up for it with 'hot' DJ-chicas (who's playlist inclues the original version of 'Poison') for Dixon, more drama for Naomi, and some confusion for Adrianna! Collapse )