September 20th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

You Probably Say That It Was Juvenile; But I Think That I Deserve To Smile

Where Did It Go? -- 37 Down/15 to Go[me]
[-] This week went by so fast, I honestly don't remember what happened to me the last Monday. It's crazy how time just whizzes by like that and now my weekend is over. A weekend that I spent working because of an event. Still, I got to shop on my last day at the bazaar and bought a pretty bag and shoes. Paycheck, where are you?

[+] But this week ALL my shows returned (well not all, Chuck and Skins come back next year), but the rest came back and I was fairly happy with all of them! This is always good. Then I got updates from Art After 5, Hydraulic Level 5 AND Emancipation Proclamation! You know I can't complain with all those goodies!

[+] I still don't know what 'normal' is for my work so I hope I don't mess up too much this coming week. I don't want to be known as the new kid who can't get anything right. Hope everyone has a great week ahead! Collapse )