September 11th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Glee 01x02: Showmances

[Glee Fan]
This show knows how to name itself, because I felt nothing but glee while watching the second episode to this fantastic new show. I waited for jamypye to get home so we could watch this together because you need someone to squee with when this show is on. And I did NOTHING BUT SQUEE the entire time (with a really wide grin on my face) even though my grandma was probably scandalized during "Push It." Collapse )
emma; only girl in the world

To the Girl Who Leads Me Into Her Heart

Happy Birthday lovein_ice!!!

You've been nothing but a fantastic friend, always so sweet and kind and just totally too nice to me. And so on your birthday, I wish you all the best ever! You deserve every happiness and I hope you have a great school year and year ahead of you. Keep kicking ass and doing fab! Happy birthday dear! Lots of love ♥