September 5th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Look Ma! No Jacob! (For Now At Least!)

75 Days To Go![Lion and Lamb Love]
This isn't exactly a 'new poster' cause we saw the teeny tiny version of it a few weeks ago, but FINALLY! A great way to start the weekend is this sort of new poster for New Moon that is sans Jacob! Could it be?!?

I gotta say, Bella looks more like a vampire than Edward does, but you will hear no complaints from me whatsoever just because I'm so happy to see some E/B loving without some Jacob in between. I see Summit really selling this Jacob thing complete with Teen Vogue covers for Taylor. I like this kid, so I won't gripe, since Rob did get a orgasm-inducing GQ cover, but still, you can never have too many covers right?

Anyway, here's another Edward poster, but since they're fair like that, Jacob's got one too! And Now Onto Some Eclipse Loving... Collapse )