September 2nd, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Just so you know, the people who talk that way think that monkeys can do this

Too Too Pretty[We All Go A Little Mad]
Because I can't seem to get enough of this brilliant show (We freaking get Season 4!!!), I came across some quotables that make me love the men of Sterling Cooper so much more.

  • "I came in the Dawson's Creek era; it was all about tiny guys who looked like teenagers, and I haven't looked like a teenager ever. So I was, like, auditioning to be their dads. At 25." -- Jon Hamm could've been Mitch Leery!? [Elle]

  • "I'm sure Ken or Paul always think Pete's an asshole, he never really shows them another side. But because we get to follow him to his parents' house and we get to follow him home and we get to see how he's treated by society, we say, 'Oh, well that makes more sense.'" -- Vincent Kartheiser tries to make us understand Pete's assholery [Starpulse]

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  • emma; only girl in the world

    To The Girl Who Wished Upon A Star ~*

    [You're The Chuck To My Olive]

    Happy Birthday celeni!!!

    And we're not the same age anymore -- at least for another 5 months! I wish I could find you that star so that you can get your Qoo White Grape Juice (and a dignified stay in law school -- WHICH YOU WILL!), but then I realized you wouldn't need that star to wish upon cause everything you like, you already have! Don't believe me? It's true! Collapse )