June 24th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Not Quite The Disney Kid

In honor of NOT seeing Transformers 2 on opening day, I figured I'd do my part in spreading the Shia LaBeouf love instead. It's funny cause when I used to watch Even Stevens, I didn't think this guy would ever be attractive to me. He was the dweeby kid on that show. And yet look how far he's gone.

No, I won't say he's pretty, because pretty he isn't. But he's got this charm and this swagger about him that has me drawn to this sometimes cocky dude. Lately his movies have gotten me to the theaters right away and his interviews almost always leave me laughing. He's feels like the real boy next door -- minus the Abercrombie prettiness.

Sure, he's got his fare share of mistakes (drunk driving and misdemeanors) but somehow I'm not turned off by it at all. So more than his looks, he's got this appeal that I just can't figure out. And really who can say no to a guy who can make you laugh? I can't. Collapse )

Poll #1420815 Hot Or Not?

Mr. June: Shia -- Hor Or Not?

Hot -- I've got my eye on him
Or -- Could still use a little transforming
Not -- Dig him a Hole please?
emma; only girl in the world

To The Girl Who Pushes All Her Inhibitions Aside

Happy Birthday thisismorning!!!

I can't quite tell but I think you're one of my first LJ friends and we've come a really long way from you switching universities and meeting Grant and getting married and all that jazz! And still friends through it all! Here's to a fantabulous birthday and an even more amazing year ahead! You deserve all the happiness!