June 14th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

You Got Inside My Head; I Tried My Best to be Guarded, I'm an Open Book Instead

Feels Like My Summer Finally Began -- 23 Down/29 to GoPhoto courtesy of me


This is what happens when I have a quasi eventful week in my life. I get so exhausted by it, that I forget what I want to say about my week to begin with. I was looking at the calendar and it occurred to me that half the year is almost over.

This sort of freaked me out. How could half the year be done and I'm still in a sort of limbo? Luckily, PB arrived this week and I can finally justify my vacationing mode. It's funny how now that he's here, I have ~work to do. Oh the irony of things. And because I'm always late to the bandwagon, go do that very old meme for me if you guys are bored. I know I am though I have a zillion things to do. Collapse )