June 11th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

I'm Finding It Difficult to Write About Real Life of the Non-What-I-Did-Today-Variety

ETA: I just realized after reading this entry again that I absolutely make no sense at all (yes "absolutely" and "at all" are both needed to reiterate how senseless this is) And I'm not even drunk. I am personally confused as to what I was trying to say and don't even remember why I wrote this to begin with. But upon further rumination, I realized this was all I was trying to say. Or so I think (after re-reading it on a full stomach):
[+] Patty is ecstatic/honored/grateful that she was offered sort of part-time job that requires her to blog (and get paid for it)!
[+] Patty was nervous for the unexpected interview of the said sort of part-time job and so ended up oversharing irrelevant information during interview
[+] Patty is too freaking lazy to do all necessary paper work before getting said job
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