June 2nd, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem

Almost Doesn't Count[Lion And Lamb Love]
That problem is, in a few months, I'm going to be (hopefully) employed and can no longer stay at home all morning, refreshing live blogs and squeeing at photos of the MTV Movie Awards. I don't think I've ever been THIS excited for it, but thanks to Twilight and its passion-driven-fans-voting-to-sweep the entire thing, I actually counted down the days to this.

And though the haters will hate, this post isn't about hate. I'm all about the love. Cause just the fact that Rob and Kristen were there and the EPIC New Moon teaser was just about enough to keep me smiling the entire day.

So make love not war. The often crass but always hilarious Andy Samberg hosted this. How can you not smile about that? Collapse )

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