May 29th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Terminator Salvation

The End Begins[All Movie Photos]
Due to my non-knowledge of the Terminator series (other than knowing that Governor Ah-nold starred in some of them and Hasta La Vista got really popular because of it), I wasn't exactly jumping at the chance to watch the newest installment to the Terminator series.

Still, I was determined to watch (almost) every summer movie and so this one went into the bag. Besides, Lee-Ann and I were trying to kill time before the 'party' so this was something productive we could do. Plus Lee-Ann is a great movie-mate when she's not asleep.

And so because I wasn't expecting anything , all I was looking out for was that scene in the movie where Bale freaks out. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the film that I didn't even bother to figure out which scene it was. I don't think I could watch this over and over, I'm already exhausted from all the exploding in this film. And there were a lot. Collapse )

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