May 25th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Yet Another Reason To Get Into Sports

Move Over Soccer Dads[obama_daily]
I'm late to the Soccer Dad Obama Party, I know. But I couldn't just let it pass me by completely. How adorable is it that Mr. President made time to go see both daughters Malia and (my personal favorite) Sasha kick a ball around?! I'm wondering where Mama Michelle is, but having Barack on the field is enough of a security thing, I guess.

And yet another reason for me to take up a sport if only I can have my dad Obama cheer me on in the sidelines. I wonder how many Secret Service agents were scattered in the field that day, but what matters is that he actually came to watch them play. He looks like he's really into it too. Screaming with the rest of the parents.

I feel more moms will turn into soccer moms after this weekend. I just feel it. Collapse )

It's the weekend, so Obama becomes a soccer dad [Yahoo]