May 21st, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

American Idol 8: Finale (Live-Blogging Cause I Can)

[Kris Pics]
7:55 AM It's finally here. Woke up 30 minutes ago and couldn't believe it didn't take me forever to get out of bed. Must be the excitement of watching. I can't believe I'm a little nervous when I shouldn't really care. Hoping for a great show from KrAdam!!!

7:59 AM Here were freaking go! Preparing myself for massive advertising! Hello long commercial breaks Collapse )
emma; only girl in the world

American Idol 8: And the New American Idol is

One Last TimePhoto courtesy of Kris Pics
I can't believe I still have my voice intact considering I was screaming and jumping up and down at the announcement of the winner. We were all pretty much planted in front of the television. I missed my Idol-mate Pamy who's galivanting in India, but Pio proved to be an able Idol-mate. Till next year people. Oh and blinkies do actually work. Collapse )
emma; only girl in the world

90210 01x24: One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer

Where's my dragon?![90210 Media]
90210 is like a pendulum. Sometimes it's really good and sometimes it's not very good. This week, thank goodness the pendulum swung in our favor as the season finale brought a lot of moments that either made me laugh really loud or made me sad for them. And what a way to leave the audiences guessing. I hate cliff hangers, but this one, I can take.

And so it ends season one. I wonder how season 2 will go. I don't know if I'll still be as rabid as I was this year but knowing my anal self, I'll probably recap it for the sake of, just because I've started it. And really with good episodes like this one, it gives me hope. Collapse )