May 6th, 2009

emma; only girl in the world

Flashing Lights!

[Andrew Curtis]
And though I am a day late for the Cinco De Mayo festivities, I thought that it can never be too late to share time lapse videos anyway. What I love about this one is how it makes the Carnival seem like so much fun. The lights on the rides make it look like space ships because of how fast the video is. The creator used 2683 images to create this video and I'm just in awe at how pretty it came out. I want to go to a carnival! [Vimeo] Collapse )
emma; only girl in the world

American Idol 8: Top 4 (Don't Quite Feel A Whole Lotta Love)

Not so Rocking 4[Rickey]
It's funny how the season I'm not super duper into Idol (like I usually am) is the year they implement what Pamy and I have been dreaming about for ages: DUETS. Imagine how amazing it would have been last year of Cookie and Michael did one and yet this year when we finally get 'our wish' it doesn't quite feel as satisfying. It sort of made me wish it didn't happen at all. Be careful what you wish for, I guess Collapse )

Please Don't Rock On
  1. Allison Iraheta
  2. Kris Allen
  3. Adam Lambert
  4. Danny Gokey
Not So Bad Music together
  1. Adam and Allison
  2. Kris and Danny
Final Four: I Wanna Rock! [VFTW]
Chaos in the Idoldome, chaos in the competition [Idol Tracker]