August 28th, 2008

emma; only girl in the world

Have Ticket, Will Watch

That's right. Give me tickets to ANYTHING, and I'll watch it. It doesn't hurt when I actually like what's playing or what's showing.

That's why when Ate Let said she had an extra ticket for Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera's birthday special, I was so there.

I was pretty much hooked on Marimar during its run. And though I'm not Dyesebel's biggest fan, I do love seeing Marian and Dingdong (especially Dingdong -- since his T.G.I.S. days) together.

So along with my yaya's nieces and Pamy (who arrived exactly on time), we sat through almost two hours of GMA-type variety shows.

The show was free, so I wasn't really expecting much and well... I guess I don't really have a right to complain. It wasn't that it was bad. I just felt it could have been a bit better. Collapse )
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emma; only girl in the world

Girl Crush: Jennifer Garner

I've always had a thing for Jennifer Garner. My brothers used to make fun of me cause they said she looked like a man, and well, at the height of her Alias days, she looked manlier than Michael Vartan at times, but that didn't stop me from liking her. Then she became a mom and she got softer. She looked more feminine and I just loved her more.

Whenever I see paparazzi pics of her, she's always looking like a normal person and totally not caring about what others say as long as she's happy with her family. But really, I like her because she actually looks nice. Not just celebrity nice, but genuinely nice and that is what I love most.Collapse )