June 22nd, 2008

emma; only girl in the world

4 Minutes of Microfame

I'm on TV (sort of)Photos courtesy of Me
So for a few minutes, I was sort of on television. Well, not really. More of like screen captures of my Multiply account were on screen. See, the founders of Multiply were on this show on ANC talking about the phenomena of their website.

So I wasn't really paying attention half the time, but I guess the fact that the founders are in Manila is a sign that Multiply really is a huge deal in the Philippines. But really, all I could think of was it was my multiply being used as an example!!!

Thanks to koi_tattoo for asking me to go on a screen capping spree of my Multiply. I'm getting even closer to being on television now. Before it was just a shirt I gave and now, it's my multiply. What could be next?

EDIT: According to my friend, Andrew, my multiply also came out over at ABS-CBN's website too!!! And finally, Bev said I'm also on B12 of the June 23 Inquirer. Aliw! All my contacts that start with the letter A got a little exposure too.
emma; only girl in the world

More Patrick, Less Talk

Dempsey and Monaghan being prettyPhotos courtesy of All Movie Photos
I am the worst movie critic ever. That's because I usually NEVER find anything wrong with movies in general. I enjoy practically anything you let me watch. But I guess this movie caught me at the wrong time. I was tired and sleepy and not really in the mood to watch a movie. But because a) it was free (Pamy needed a driver) and b) it had Patrick Dempsey, I figured Made of Honor couldn't be so bad.

I guess I gave it too much credit. Fine, I'll start off with the good parts. I thought the acting was pretty good. They were happy and light and easy on the eyes. They were romantic and comedic and just really pretty. And it was funny in parts that had Tom's (Dempsey) friends in it. In fact, all the supporting characters brought really funny lines to the table, albeit it being a little forced sometimes. Collapse )
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