January 22nd, 2008

emma; only girl in the world

Chuck Approved!

And I thought the Obama and Oprah team were unbeatable.

I was wrong. There's another tag team that's trying to out-endorse the Double O's. Say hello to unstoppable duo, of Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris or more lovingly known as CHUCK AND HUCK to supporters. Now I have to admit, I was so going for the Democrats this year, but after seeing Huck and Chuck together, I'm having second thoughts.

After all, if Chuck Norris believes in Mike Huckabee, I think we should all fall in line behind him. Sure, Oprah's got her own TV Network now, but remember, when Chuck Norris does push-ups, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the earth down.

And that folks, is Patty's attempt at making a political entry. I know, I will stick to my usual fare. Gotta give me props for trying.
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emma; only girl in the world

Voice Post: Wiiiiiiiii!

479K 2:25
“So it's been 22 days since the start of 2008 and I'm happy to say that I have at least kept one resolution intact, and that is... saving money. I decided that 2008 would be the year I started my London 2012 Olympic Fund. That is if I'm really serious about going to London for the 2012 Olympics, I figured I should start saving. And also because I hat being broke by December.

So I'm glad to say that it's nearly th end of the month and I still have my allowance with me, which is a good thing, considering this has never happened before. I've been listing down what I spend and on what I spend (the money) on, so that I see how frivolous or how un-needed my expenses are. But there, I"m gonna try to be as good this 2008.

As for my other resolutions, I haven't really been too good to others or been studying harder, but that's okay. Because as PB said, "it's never too late in 2008."

I've been sort of laying low these past few days and I've been MIA from, I don't know, even Yahoo Messenger and from school, but that's cause I haven't been having class but what I've been really addicted to is Guitar Hero.

We don't have a guitar, on the Wii, but I picked up the Wii controller, I think that was Saturday night after Hannah's birthday and I haven't stopped since. I think my personal song is "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar. I started out on the Easy level and I was so disappointed because my brothers and Paola are soooo good at it. You know, they're not even looking at the buttons they're pushing and they're so good. They keep getting every note. They get the star power extra points. It's just nuts!

So I told myself I can't be left behind. So I practiced and practiced and practiced and with Paola's help of course, and I reached medium level. In the medium level, I reached 71,000 score. I know that's low for others, but for me that's like a personal high. I'm so addicted to Guitar Hero. If we did get a guitar though, I'd be afraid that I'd get bad at it, because I'm so used to just playing with the Wii controller. But anyway, this is going to be the start of a new obsession. Hello Wii.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes