January 6th, 2008

emma; only girl in the world

Gossip Girl 01x12: School Lies

After the hiatus, I was worried with what they would return to. Especially with Rufus' confession of devotion to Lily. It's funny because I'm much more interested in Rufus-Lily than Blair-Chuck-Nate or Dan-Serena. When did the parents become waaay more interesting than the children? Well, apparently, the Christmas break proved that. Collapse )

When did I start getting angry at all the children? I'm hoping that the last episode next week redeems them in my eyes, because this one totally killed them all in my eyes. And where the hell was Jenny?! I know she could have made this episode more annoying, but hey why not add some more kids to kill right? When did I get this violent over this show. Please let the last episode be fab. Please?
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