January 3rd, 2008

emma; only girl in the world

X, Y, Zzzzz

Why did I even bother going to school today? Really. When I had this gut feeling my subjects were all going to be joke time, I should have followed my instinct. Oh well, I'm hoping for good karma. Hopefully it comes tomorrow during my report. Lovely.
Dear Professor X,

Next time you tell us to come to class, please do come at the right time. We understand if you're late a few minutes, but an hour and 45 minutes late isn't exactly good, even if you sent us an SMS that you were on your way and would be late -- considering the entire class was already there waiting and some of my classmates came from their provinces.

Also, when you finally do arrive, please make sure we do something substantial. Something that can't be discussed over the mailing list because that would make all our efforts of waking up really early and dragging our asses to school not quite worth it, just to spend 15 minutes, drawing lots.

We would prefer if we just didn't have class today. Thanks.

Not XoXo,
Sleepy, hungover on the Christmas break, student

As if one jilted appointment wasn't enough, I had to suffer the same fate. At least with this one, I knew we didn't have class, but I supposedly had an appointment. Of course, that too didn't push through. What's up with today.
Dear Professor Y,

Please make sure that any appointment you schedule actually follows through as I also have a life to live and am not just taking your subject this semester. Thanks.

Not XoXo either,
can't wait to go home student

I hope this isn't an omen of how this semester is going to play out because this would just be one big unproductive joke. Not funny.