December 29th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Not Quite the Third Wheel

I haven't seen my high school friends since October, which is a far cry from seeing them every single day, multiple times during high school. That's why it's always fun to get together with them. Catching up on what we've missed, gossiping and just having fun together. I've known some of them since kindergarten so we obviously go way back. When we decided to bring dates for our Christmas dinner, I didn't think it would actually happen.

But apparently, we're all pretty old now (20 years young) and everyone was able to bring someone as their "date." Although only Hannah and Peter are officially a couple, I think it's only a matter of time before Lee-Ann and Iza make their whatevers official too.

date night

Though I went solo last night, my friends were nice enough to not make me feel like a third wheel. After the wonderful dinner at Italianni's, we went to Five Cows for dessert and then to Time Zone to burn off all those calories. I'm not even an arcade person, but it sure looked like fun. Looks like we aren't so grown up after all. I can't wait 'til our next get together. I hope it won't take another six months again.
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