December 28th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Still High on Life

Remember the time I lost my pink wallet then found it the next day? Well, the year couldn't end if I didn't lose something of value. Something of value that was PINK! Tonight, on my way home from our BC 122 pre-production meeting in our professor's house in West Avenue, I lost my mobile phone. Yes, the pink Motorolla Razr that I just got handed down from selvercy! And I've never ever lost a phone before! Collapse )

122 Loves

Here's to rocking the Asean with you guys next year. Thanks so much for keeping me together and keeping me sane/calm. I really would have just gone home crying or would go around West Avenue on a rampage but you guys stuck around and made things so much better for me. This really was an impromptu bonding experience/team building activity. We do work well as a group. And no peer evaluation could change that. Thanks a bazillion.

This redeems the average Filipino in my eyes. I was so sad thinking that my year ended on a sour note (with my phone being stolen/lost forever), but thanks to Mang Olan, the most honest tricycle driver ever, I see that there really are still good souls out there. There is still hope for this country, if only more people were like him. What a good way to end my 2007.