December 24th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Gossip Girl 01x11: Roman Holiday

Because I'm actually watching this series in time, I was in the mood for a holiday episode. Seeing as Gossip Girl is one of the few shows with episodes left to air, I was doubly excited to watch it. So basic plot line is: Blair is trying to get her father to stay. Serena and Dan are trying to find the perfect gift for each other. Rufus and Alison are trying to work things out and Bart Bass wants to out his relationship with Lily. Oh and ZERO Chuck and Nate. A Nate-less episode I could deal with. But NO CHUCK? AGAIN?!? Damn you Josh Schwartz. Collapse )

I find myself more interested in Rufus-Lily than in any other ship on this show and I'm not complaining. I guess because all the other couples have gotten together, there's "no more excitement" for me, but with Rufus-Lily, it's all up in the air. Why does the next episode have to be on January 2?!? And why is the second to the last for this season!?! Seriously, this Writers Strike has to end like right now.
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