December 21st, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Viva La Junior Year!

And the end to an exhausting weekday.

Because not all the fellows showed up for the Monday photoshoot, we had to set up another photoshoot this Friday for the last 5 fellows. Unfortunately, on two of them showed up for this "special" photoshoot. It was a day of craziness.

Our professor couldn't make it. The real photographer was down with some sickness. The make up artist was late. The lights were broken/moved from their original places. I didn't get any lunch in. The big wig in charge was a little scarier, without our professor around to back us up. The DVD refused to burn. And on top of it all, we were only 4 students (compared to Mondays head count of seven).

Finally Friday

Still, in the end, despite us being 4 only, and without our professor, things weren't so bad. Sure, it took more than 2 hours to burn the damn DVDs, at least I got to "bond" with Rorie, Caleb and Luis under the skywalk and was able to entice yet another Chuck fan into the Nerd Herd fold. The event's organizer gave us bracelets as a "Merry Christmas/Thank You" gift. I appreciated the gesture, especially since I wasn't expecting anything at all. Here's to six days of rest before the next 122 adventure. Let's enjoy this lapse in haggard-ness.

And the photobooth strikes again! Because you're never ever ever too busy to take some pictures and ham it up for the webcam!