December 20th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Sagittarian Siblings Upstaging Me!

Because I can't for the life of me play an instrument or sing, I shall forever live my musical career through my siblings. It just so happens that the Sagittarians in the family (and the Pisceans) have the music in them. This week I was able to witness the crazy talent my siblings are keeping within themselves. Collapse )

Pietro's a Rockstar!

Collapse ) It makes me wish my non-existent future children had great musical talent. Talk about pressure to these children that won't even exist. But hey a girl can dream! Piano, violin, guitar virtuosos, here you come! But really, this is just really a proud ate at work. I can't wait 'til their next performances. I'm so going to be there.

And because my dad doesn't take just 1 picture, here are more of Paola's non-smiling