December 19th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Ultra Tiring Wednesday

I got home Thursday morning and was wondering why the hell I was so tired. I literally hit the bed and woke up Thursday afternoon. It didn't seem like I did much that day. Then when I was uploading pictures of my Wednesday, I realized why I was so tired. I was up the entire day. Starting from 8am, I was in school for some errands, then off to SM/Trinoma for last minute gift buying, then back to UP for my 111 meeting, then straight to the UP Lantern Parade. And that was only the beginning.

Christmas Cheer
kobebeef, eeliphant, and icanseeclarity spreading the holiday cheer!

Collapse ) If that was my "first day" of vacation, then I'm looking forward to a truly exhausting Christmas vacation. Hopefully tiring enough to burn all the calories I've taken in and the more I will ingest thanks to the season. Still, I'm holding on to these last days of 2007 and PB's last days here because I don't want 2008 to come just yet.

And because no matter how "busy" a day is, there's always time for more crazy shots of my extra crazy day.