December 17th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Lights, Camera, Action?

I've been gone for 7 days?!? Is that even physically possible? To think this was my "first week off" from school. But obviously, thanks to 111 and 122, I wasn't in full vacation mode just yet. The work just never seems to end. and I doubt it will any time soon. But for now, let me enjoy my 6 days of Christmas break before the shit hits the fan.

So MONDAY we had the Photoshoot for the UP Centennial Lecture Series that was given to us for our BC 122 class. I don't know how I would survive this without my six wonderful classmates from 122.

From the 7am call time, to setting up the basement, to assisting the fellows with their clothes, their make up, their food, their coffee, holding their glasses, moving the lights, adjusting the ladder, listing the shot list, asking Dr Abueva who the hell he was, to taking the car home before it got "bawal" due to coding, to cleaning the chroma with shoe brushes, to cramming ourselves into Luis very long car, to the "yabang" parking in Trinoma, to having dinner at the Food Court, to shopping around, to commuting home, to waiting till Friday.

122 Photoshoot

Who knew waiting on people was so difficult. Here's to more 122 adventures, because for sure this is only the beginning of more hard work to come. Let's all take a breather first and have a good 6 day break before the next big thing rolls around. Thanks so much to Rorie, Nikki, Luis, Caleb, Mara, and Hazel! You guys made my Monday easier and much more fun!

Despite the busy day, we still managed to camwhore photobooth style and pose for pictures even if we weren't the fellows for the photoshoot.