December 14th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

I Want To Save You

Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast Pitch
BC 124: Newscast Production
BC 122: Photoshoot Costing
BC 123: Party Games & Costume!
BC 185: Report
Comm Res 125: Excel Exercise
Comm 140: Essay and Poster
BC 122: Photoshoot

Because 123 has never been this fun. Today we had our last class before the break so our professor asked us to come as our favorite TV character. It was fun to see everyone dress up! And at the same time, guess who the hell we were. I finally decided on dressing up as Agent Sarah Walker from Chuck, but since people don't watch Chuck (yet), they thought I was either Betty Boop or Minnie Mouse.

tv comes to town
Anna (Blossom), Sandy (Ugly Betty), Len (Claire), Rorie and Nikki (Ariel and Maverick)

Only two more days and I can finally say I'm on Christmas break. I still need to finish shopping and send out my holiday cards (they're going to get to my LJ friends soooo late, so I apologize), but really I just want class to finally end so I can 'relax' for a bit before the 'real work' (aka next year) actually begins.

I can't wait 'til Monday is over. Because really, there are only so many surprises I can take. I'm a hard worker, so don't test me. I do my best, so don't question me. I work my ass off, so don't talk down to me.

Happy Birthday searchtheskies
here's to more fabulous years of college life
icon making, lj loving, fangirling!
keep smiling and lots of love ♥

Belated Happy Birthday outof_focus
thanks for making my Idol experience 10,000 times better!
you are the ultimate fangirl. idol!
take care and lots of love ♥