December 11th, 2007

emma; only girl in the world

Gossip Girl 01x10: Hi, Society

There's something about cotillion that gets me going. Is it the so-called virginal white gowns they all wear? Or is the fact that all the guys look damn hot in their white tie get ups? Whatever it is, I love the decadence and the oppulence of cotillions, because I know I'm never going to be able to experience being introduced to society in one of these.

Nevertheless, this episode didn't disappoint. Sure, I wished for more drama, but I'm not going to complain. Dear Chuck Bass is back and therefore there is enough drama to go around. And welcome special guest, Grandma Cece Rhodes (Serena's grandma) who I can totally live without (she is of course, the equivalent of either Caleb Nichols, or Sandy's dying mom on the OC). Sorry, I couldn't help it. Collapse )

All in all a pretty "well balanced" episode, showing a bit of everyone, and trying to not leave anyone out. Yes, I wished there was more catfight and drama, but hey they're the experts, so they know what they're doing. Next week: we see Blair's dad come home and the reappearance of Vanessa. Who will I hate more? Vanessa or Jenny or Alison? Let the comeptition begin!
emma; only girl in the world

The Longest Week Ever

Because one more week of class is packed to the brim, I have no choice but to work my ass off before the Christmas break. As if the start of the semester wasn't enough of work yet, I have to accomplish something in every subject just before the Christmas break. Lovely.
Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast Pitch
BC 124: Newscast Production
BC 122: Photoshoot Costing
BC 123: Party Games!
BC 185: Report
Comm Res 125: Excel Exercise
Comm 140: Essay and Poster

I usually don't have class Mondays and Tuesdays but I ended up going to class anyway for other subjects that I had to work for. Seriously, my schedule is terrible. Here's to hoping I get through all this and end up alive for the holidays. Good luck to me.